Big John Inflatable Doll

Big John Inflatable Doll

Need a blow up guy doll for you and the girls at the Bachelorette Party? Look no further! The Big John Blow Up Doll has 7 inches of vibrating manhood swinging around, and he is not shy about it.

He'll fulfill your Hen's every wish and demand, without one whimper of complaint. All he wants to do is make her happy, it's his only concern in life. So, with that in mind, feel free to dress him up like a construction worker, a ballerina, a matador, or a pirate and have him entertain you at the party, bar or club!

Did we mention that Big John has a vibrating penis? That's a talent that all men should have. He takes two AA batteries (not included). It is a detachable penis. That is also a talent that we wish all men had.  You can slot it in position or you can use it separately...


Life size.... Approximately 5'4" tall!! (162cm)

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